Men’s Dressing Style: 5 Shirts Every Guy Needs In His Closet


I often shuffle with t-shirts and shirts, but my personal preference is a shirt. You can do countless experiments with a shirt to form different kinds of looks. Shirts reflect many things about your personality and, are the foundation of Men’s dressing style.

Men’s trending wear may vary season to season or year to year, but there are 5 essentials for men’s dressing style, you gotta keep in your wardrobe.

1. Tailored White Shirt

Men’s Dressing Style

It’s a foundation for men’s dressing style. No matter what your skin color is, what your height is, you are either skinny, you must get yourself a white tailored shirt. It just goes with everything you imagine, jeans, formal trousers, shorts.

My personal combination of wearing a white shirt is with ice blue jeans with a pair of white sneakers. This is one of the most versatile pieces of cloth that covers you in various situations or gatherings.

Whether you are going for an interview, or about to hit the club, a decent white shirt will never disappoint you. It just works for every scenario, from your professional meeting to partying with your friends.

Just roll up your sleeves, and let everyone check you out. Combined it some basic accessories, and you are flawless!!

2. Half Sleeves Solid Buttoned Shirt

Men’s Dressing Style

A simple, solid (uni-color), perfectly tailored short sleeves will aid beauty in your wardrobe. Try to make it simple and clean, don’t try to add unnecessary stuff such as double

pockets, extra buttons, stuff on shoulder parts. You can wear it professionally or on casual occasions. Another important thing that you need to make sure its length, it should not be too long or short, just make sure it looks good while tucked and untucked.

You can pick many colors white, navy, black, maroon or any summer color. Right fir from the chest, arms and shoulders just enhance your overall personality.

Another thing, If you combine it with chinos shorts, there you go with your perfect look.

3. Denim Shirt

A denim shirt!! you are probably looking at one of David Beckham’s style secret.

Men’s Dressing Style

I am, personally, wearing it repeatedly nowadays. You can experiment it with different pair of bottom wear, just to look awesome.

Earlier, denim shirts were made as a work shirt because of its thick material but, now evolved as a freakin fashion statement with thinner and stylish fabric that looks just awesome.

Men’s Dressing Style

A basic denim shirt, combined black jeans with a pair of brown or tan colored boots will do wonders to your looks. It doesn’t even cost much, you can shop it from H&M or Mango at a very affordable price.

Paired with white jeans or trousers, it makes your appearance decent as well as killing.

You can also try it over a white t-shirt to get you a more casual look and, if you leave your denim shirt unbuttoned, you gonna look super cool. And, you can also try to experiment it with a different pair of trousers and jeans, tucked in, half-tucked to look more versatile.

If you have a denim shirt, good, but if you don’t, buying yourself a denim shirt is the very next thing you are going to do

4. Floral shirt

When you think of a spring-time, the next thing that’s gonna hit your mind is the floral printed shirt. Nothing looks more classy and bold if combined with the right set of trousers.

Men’s Dressing Style

You can hang out with your friends, go out on a date or relax at a beach.

Some people find it a bit uncomfortable, or there can be any reason to avoid floral but if you see a shirt that has a nice print, do yourself a favor and buy that piece.

Be bolder, don’t limit yourself to try something latest and trendy.

Three buttons opened floral shirt, with a locket, combined with stainless-steel timepiece and sneakers, along with a classy pair of sunglasses will take your look to a next level, if you have imagined that picture, then you know, what I am talking about.

So, now you know why, grabbing a floral shirt is so important.

5. Striped Shirts

With this, you can go modern, as well as retro.

Men’s Dressing Style

Best thing about striped shirts, you can have them in both ways relaxed fit, as well as a slim fit.

Striped shirts enhance your summer look, these are stylish and elegant clothes that intensify your overall identity.

Stripes shirts are very easy to integrate with your bottom wear whether it’s jeans, trousers or shorts.

Men’s Dressing Style

To form a professional look, tuck it in with formal trousers or to look casual or trendy combine with rugged jeans.

For business meetings and parties, you can wear it with a solid suit or blazer to give you perfect balance. And if you incorporate it with shorts, you’ll find your perfect summer look.

You must read my views on Men’s accessories to enhance your appearance.

So, guys, these are the 5 essentials shirts that a boy needs in his closet.

Stay Stylish!!!

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